TALMERA USA INC. participated in Think U.S. Cheese Workshop at Marriott Hotel Manila last July 14, 2016 hosted by the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) .

This was a one-day workshop that explore how the U.S. cheese industry can help move the business forward with high-quality, safe and functional cheese ingredients and products. It also brought  different U.S. cheese stories where we learned that the United States offers hundreds of varieties and styles perfectly crafted to meet global customers’ and consumers’ desire for enjoyable, great-tasting cheese.

Contrary to popular belief, the United States is a cheese producer; in fact, it is the largest single-country cheese producer in the world. Cheese production began centuries ago with the first European immigrants bringing cheese making techniques to North America and continues today thanks to dedicated American cheese makers committed to offering high quality, original and innovative cheeses to satisfy both users and consumers’ needs.

With this said event, our Sales and Marketing Executive Ms. Shashi de Leon was given a chance to talk about “Discover: U.S. Cream Cheese” highlighting history, varieties, applications, trends and etc.

Today, the U.S. cheese industry is an international center of cheese-making excellence and innovation. As global appetites for cheese continue to grow, the U.S. cheese industry is well suited to supply the increased demand.